About Lips & Lash

Dear Beautiful,

You? Yes I mean you.

Welcome to Lips and Lash also known as our little world were beauty is way more than what you see on the outside. Becoming makeup lovers wasn’t what we had planned. 3 years ago, I was a self-proclaimed “soap, water and Vaseline girl”, and Tricia was a eyebrow pencil and lip gloss momma. We barely took the time to look at ourselves in the morning.We were more into the routines of life and thought that self-love was vanity.  I was like this FOR YEARS, until I stumbled into the world of Younique Cosmetics. More about that later.

The sad thing about not looking at yourself for that long is that you start to forget. You don’t remember all the things that make your face special, you forget how to care of that face AND how to care for the great person behind that face. You forget what makes you beautiful.

Through marketing naturally based cosmetics, I learned a few very important things. First, I learned that I LOVE to find and reveal the beauty in people, that hidden part of them that really matters the most because it’s the part that makes them fall in love with themselves. The second thing I learned was that my definition of being beautiful has just as much to do with your purpose towards the world as it does with your face.

In fact, your face should be the “signage” for who you are on the inside. Imagine walking up to a boutique with a fancy and vibrant sign that said, “THE MOST AMAZING SHOE STORE IN THE WORLD” and when you walked in all you saw was green foam dollar flip flops… and none of them in your size! Now that would just be wrong. We should be shoe stores filled with Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and red bottoms galore!

In other words Beautiful, fill yourself with the best this life has to offer until you fall madly in love with yourself.  To me, makeup and the beauty we create on the outside celebrates the splendor of who we are on the inside. And THAT is what Lips and Lash is all about. Besides the best in cosmetics, fashion, and all things pretty, Lips and Lash inspires with stories and tips on how to live a life that’s filled with beauty:


Hot makeup looks recreated with people you should know.


Lessons that nurture you on the inside so you slay on the outside.


Being fly from follicle to cuticle.


Natural regimes and products that keep you glowing.


Who’s doing what and where and why it beautiful.

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