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Agent XOXO – Getaway Car Makeup

Chantal Amsterdam

I’m always at risk of running late. It’s just the way it is. My alter ego, agent XOXO is so clutch and she saves me every single time. “Don’t worry, I’ll do my makeup in the car!” met with unanimous sighs of relief from the boys, is usually how the adventure ensues. I love the way they watch me in the front seat mirror with amazement.  To them, I have super powers.

Car makeup application is nothing new or revolutionary. If you are as consistently pressed for time as I am, it happens A LOT. Like most things women do, car makeup is an art.

Before I forget… let me disclaim that:

I was not operating a motor vehicle during the application of this makeup look, nor do I condone the application of makeup while driving. NOTE. Reapplying lipstick at a red light does not count as long as your foot remains on the break.

Quite often my time before leaving the house is spent picking out an outfit, getting 3 dragons dressed, packed and ready to go, all while convincing their father that just because his sneakers match doesn’t mean the outfit is snatched. Most times, there’s only 2 minutes left to grab an arsenal of makeup (usually no more than 5 items) and go. Before accepting an in car makeup challenge please consider the following:

Travel time

You don’t have all the time in the world, so keep it simple. Car makeup applications are not a full beat. I REPEAT car trips are NOT FOR BEATS. Even if you have the steadiest of hands, it just takes a pot hole or reckless driver to cause you smeared makeup or a ruined outfit. In my case, the only casualty suffered was that foundation swatch on the lapel of my quilted bomber (see photos). Small tings. Nothing a covert trip to the ladies room couldn’t fix. To minimize spillage and keep your ensemble intact, a simple liquid to powder foundation with a concealer that’s up to 2 shades lighter is sufficient. If you have time to prime and put it on in the house you’re good.


I’m a major audiophile. Music is right up there for me with oxygen. If you are on your way to a big meeting or a social event, your play list can be relaxing or the required revving your mind needs. In my case I was on my way to court so I needed to look submissively fierce. African music is always my choice and highly recommended.


While natural daylight is usually an MUA’s best friend, in a moving car the lighting (and shadows) change non-stop. Take advantage to do the complicated part like eyeliner, brows and shadows for red lights and lulls in traffic. Night time car applications are a slippery slope. Unless you are you using a makeup combo you are very familiar with I wouldn’t go there.


You may not need them. I’ve done a two-toned eye look with my fingertips, it looked better than when I did it with a brush, a real miracle! I dare you to try it. God will show you that he is real trust me.

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