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La Vie en Rose Gold

I love rose gold because it represents femininity, beauty, love and compassion that is as strong and persistent and valuable as gold.

I almost cried when the rose gold iPhone 7 plus was nowhere to be found. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t about the iPhone itself (I’m so over Apple), it was the ROSE GOLD. It seems I’m not the only one madly in love with the concept of pink metal. Rose gold isn’t a curiosity or a limited edition anymore. Its popularity speaks volumes about the era we are living in. Pink metal coupled with the world’s most coveted electronic device has changed the brand of a colour. Just like when we found out Bey and Jay were an item. It was epic. Imagine. Decades from now, the late 2010s will be identified as the (cue dramatic echo) “Rose Gold Era.” Yes I have a time machine. Don’t tell anybody.

Rose gold on the Spring 2017 runways at Noon By Noor, Monique Lhuillier and Valentino; Images: Imaxtree

Since it’s resurgence in 2015, the popularity of this blushing chrome has shown no signs of slowing down, and that’s not typically how trends work. It’s allure lies in the fact that it complements every complexion. On porcelain peau, rose gold dances with the rosy undertones of paler skin. It also illuminates deep melanin with a regal light. Rose gold says romance, exclusivity of beauty and love that’s available to everyone.

2 sided lipstick in the color BLUSHING
Love the concept for their lipsticks. Lip liner on one end and lipstick on the other. Brilliant.

I recently stumbled on a lip colour that blew my mind and inspired this blog post. I couldn’t sleep that night thinking of all the makeup possibilities enabled by the marvel of chromed coral. Timeless is the name of this lip liner/lipstick combo made by RBRW.org as part of their brilliant Pucker Up For Change campaign that raises funds to help fight domestic violence, hate, poverty, homelessness, bullying and sex trafficking.

My two hour conversation with RBRW’s founder Jacquelyn Aluotto was unexpectedly, awesomely and incredibly inspiring. While dress shopping for her next speaking engagement, Aluotto told me her incredible story and what being being a Socially Conscious Fashionista entails. Her hybrid of activism includes an arsenal of glamour, media, film, fashion, and advocacy, all of which are used to shed light on corruption and the ills of our communities. RBRW is a platform that allows celebrities and notable figures from the beauty industry to use their influence as a catalyst for change. It reminded me of our Younique Foundation and their amazing work for victims of sexual abuse. Social responsibility adds power to beauty. It’s genius and I love it.

4 lipstick colours from rbrw.org
RBRW.org Pucker Up For Change lipstick colours (from left to right); BLUSHING, TIMELESS, ENTICING, and INTRIGUE

By the end of that discussion, I had all 4 of the lipsticks available as part of the Pucker Up campaign sent to me and I love them all. Intrigue is a sexy but organic red. Then there’s Enticing, very sophisticated like a fine bordeaux. Blushing is a bold bubble gum pink that’s playful and definitely not for the wall flower.  But the lip colour that is consistently rocking my world right now? The rose of all golds…Timeless.

My love for rose gold is so intense because like Jacqueline Aluotto and her organisation, it represents femininity, beauty, love of compassion that is as strong and persistent, valuable as gold. If you have an affinity for socially conscious and responsible beauty brands, the quality of this lip liner combo line from RBRW is worth getting. The quality is high and at $14.00 each, you really can’t go wrong. Keep an eye out for part two of my Rose Gold series (yes my fixation is that serious), where I use RBRW’s Timeless along with Younique Cosmetics to create the ultimate Rose Gold climax…

Founder of RBRW, Jacquelyn Aluotto believes that giving back is glamorous and activism is sexy.



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