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HipHop Yoga~My Soul’s Coronation

So if you know me, you know I’m a hot, creative, workaholic mess. My house often looks like I lost a game of Jumangi and my children, through necessity, have learned to cook at the age of 11 and 8 years old. Being an online marketing mogul (oh you didn’t know?) who’s trying to build her queendom by managing the (eventual) launch of a magazine, an inner beauty blog and makeup distribution business, is definitely the catalyst for abnormally high stress and self neglect.

Case in point, 2 months ago my entire left side seized up. I couldn’t turn my head or move my arm without screaming out like Bruce Lee. It was awful. Too many all-nighters and deadlines caught up to me. The biggest joke is that because of my stress attack, I was falling behind in my work, and because I was falling behind, my stress attack got worse. Nothing helped, no pills or compresses. The doctor recommended massage therapy. It helped. The first thing Nicole (RMT) asked me was “is what you do stressful?” I laughed.

Long story short, she told me that my life style was destroying my musculature. All the stress was ageing my body and the only thing that would reverse the damage was more massage… and yoga. I’d tried yoga a couple of times with my girl and I was feeling it. It wasn’t really strenuous but I still felt like I worked up a sweat. And there were lasting effects; I felt grounded and focused. The only thing yoga and mainstream studios lacked was what I like to call “flava”. I started to feel out of place and eventually lost interest.

Enter Nadia a.k.a. Dia a.k.a. @namaste_dope and her wondrous portal called Hip Hop Yoga. Years ago I remember how Nadia laughed at the face that I made when she told me she was going to become a yoga instructor.

Since that convo, Dia’s has completed more than one certification, including envious and exotic practices from Bali to New York City She’s taught in multiple cities, including the recently sold out Trap Soul Yoga event with the Villj in Montreal. Dia is living out her dreams by awakening the awareness of every yoga novice she meets.

So that “flava” that was missing? It was Hip Hop. Not the Busta Rhymes, Biggie and Tupac genre but the newer, slower even tempo’d beats and mellow hooks of trap soul. And it works. The perfect soundtrack to the 1 on 1 meeting you’re going to have with yourself. During my first class, my body had a whole lot to say and I had no choice but to listen. What yoga does is simple but it’s not easy. It turns your focus inward, away from the world and allows your soul and body to speak to you through movement. Yeah I didn’t believe it either until I tried it. That’s why my body reacted the way it did, I wasn’t listening. I was too engaged in the world outside of myself. You can’t take care of yourself if you don’t pay attention to what your body is saying. Lesson learned: A queen’s needs come before her queendom. I come first.


My dedication to my business has always been the reason for the sacrifices I make. I sacrifice my eating, sleeping, exercise and having fun just to win. But a queendom needs a healthy queen. Putting myself first is now the primary factor in my success. Taking care is now a major business goal. If there is no me, there is no or  Thanks to Nicole, Dia and Yoga, I no longer need massage and the pain is gone. I take walks with my kids and fast food now means a smoothie. By mid week my body is craving HipHop Yoga, it’s my own coronation, an affirmation that I crown myself Queen and will treat myself as such. 

If you are interested in what your body has to say to you, check out Nadia’s Hip Hop Yoga.

Have you always wanted to try yoga? What has stopped you? Comment below.

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  • Sandra

    In the past I thought yoga was ‘shi shi froo froo’, yet still tried twice and lost interest both times. But with more research and connecting with women who look like me in both size and colour, I began to embrace and really feel yoga on a soulful and spiritual level. Now I’m just excited to start my Hip Hop Yoga sessions 🙂

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