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Nasty Girl: The Makeup Counter’s Dirty Don’ts

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Picture this. Me, looking extremely cute, on my way to Sephora with my girl Gucci, who was also looking snatched. Both of us giddy while giggling with mad anticipation. Not the typical behavior of a thirty-something and forty-something year old but we had good reason… Fenty had arrived! Long-awaited and anticipated, black-owned… no scratch that… BAJAN-OWNED, dark skin glorifying, high quality makeup was waiting to belong to us.

There’s nothing like the rush of a new makeup run with a bestie. My account was liquid and bills were paid, Badgyal Riri was about to get richer. Then suddenly our glam glee came to a screeching halt. Smears, smudges and spills galore, A HOT MESS! The Fenty display looked like a crime scene missing the yellow tape. Other brand displays didn’t look much better but it was clear that we weren’t the only ones anxious to try the new cosmetic line. That mess was enough to keeping us from touching anything…WACK!

I’ve grown to love makeup and it’s power. Even minimal usage can conceal the toll of a late night. In 5 minutes, I’ve gone from “is that your grandma?” to “who’s that young ting in Eddie’s car?” Feeling like a million bucks is everything but not at the expense of health and hygiene. It had me thinking… just how nasty could your makeup get? We’ve all heard it but just exactly how dirty does makeup get?

Whether it’s our own stash, your girl’s trunk or the full array at the pharmacy counter, the truth can be really gruesome. An article by Prevention magazine shows that on weekends, when stores have the heaviest traffic, up to 100% of the testers showed crazy amounts of contamination. Caribana for Microbes, Staph bacteria and even E. Coli, all of dem wukkin’ up and gettin’ on bad on your favorite makeup samples.

Call her Janet, not Miss Jackson because nasty is not where it’s at. Even Vanity gave up her “Nasty Girl” ways and found Jesus. Be a good girl, at least when it comes to your makeup browsing and usage– Know your Do’s, Don’ts, what the right and wrong practices are and trim down on the bad habits while cultivating the good ones. Nod your head with me and say yes to clean cosmetics!

DON’T #1 

The number one and the absolute most universal dirty don’t anywhere in the world is, NEVER apply makeup on a dirty face. Make sure to always wash your face or at the very least, clean it up with wipes. If you know that you’re out looking to shop for makeup, bring your wipes and use them on your hands BEFORE touching products and applying. This also helps to keep the product free of the flora that lives on your skin. Surprise! ? Your hands are also germ farms! 

DON’T #2

Next up on the universal dirty don’ts is going to sleep with makeup on. I’m no goody goody, trust me I’ve been there; dragging yourself home at 4 am or just having one of those days that end with you giving up on life, sometimes the discipline isn’t there.  But you should know that this is the absolute worst for your skin, not to mention your bed sheets. This practice will clog and enlarge your pores while serving you a side order of breakouts and premature aging. You and your skin deserve more love than that. Okurrrrr!

DON’T #3

When using mascara, the natural inclination is to pump it in and out of the tube to get more product but this not only dries it out, it fills in bacteria. What to do instead? Swirl it in the tube. Your eyes are super sensitive and it’s where most infections from nasty makeup occur. As a makeup artist, I make sure that I have disposable mascara wands at my disposal. If not, buy a brand new mascara for your client and factor that into your fee. The last thing you want is nasty rumours spreading about you including pink eye with your services.

DON’T #4

Rubbing alcohol that’s 90% or higher in a tiny inconspicuous spray bottle is your friend. Call me what you want but I normally have one in my purse at all times. Besides being a form of self defense (don’t try me), it’s a very effective sanitizer. Applying products directly to your lips that do not exclusively belong to you, rather than with a lip brush or clean finger, is a recipe for bacteria. Remember that Miley Cyrus performance? And the flesh colored latex with her butt cheeks leaking out of them? Umm hmm, same kind of nasty only instead of being on stage with the soon to be divorced Robyn Thicke, it’s happening on your lips. Either spray the lipstick with alcohol and wipe it off, or use the lipstick or lipgloss on the back of your hand. It might be okay at home with your personal stuff but at a makeup counter or store, it’s an absolute no-no.

DON’T #5

Would you ever eat with a fork, knife and spoon that’s never been washed? What about drink from a cup or eat off a plate with the stuck on left overs of the last few months? That’s exactly what you’re doing when you don’t clean your brushes. Never let your makeup brushes, sponge and applicators gather too much product before washing them or you might start making out with the bathroom floor. You’d be applying a truck load of dirt and bacteria along with you makeup. Bad skin is not the new black, and never will be. Make sure that your applicators are washed regularly.

DON’T #6

Using makeup even when it is bad. Yes, make up can expire or go bad and holding on to it or still using it is harmful for your skin. If you are not sure of the shelf life of your products, check this out:

You should replace your mascara every three months, eyeliner and eye shadow every six to 12 months, and lipstick every one and a half years. Meanwhile, the average expiration date for foundation, powder, and other facial makeup is 12 months. The key thing to remember is that makeup only starts to expire AFTER it’s opened. The expiry date depends on how it’s packaged, opened and stored.

There you have it. Don’t be a nasty girl who indulges in bad makeup habits. Check some more dirty truth in this video…


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