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Yellow is the new Blush

Jaundice is not contagious but this spring makeup trend just might be. I don’t hate it. I think it’s bananas. Some of you will say “Of course you don’t hate it Chantal, you’re artsy”. Well let me just say that almost everything in fashion that’s now mainstream started out as something new and strange. It’s the “hmmm factor” that determines if it can stay. And I, even with my artsy self can usually spot the hmmm factor.

Why it works

Yellow in the summer is Lit. Literally. It’s a color we’ve see on our faces; Sunlight after 7 pm while watching sunsets and in night clubs. Yellow says happiness, sundresses and daffodils. It’s golden, different and bold and so is the fashion forward damsel that sports it. If you are looking for a pop of color while wearing very little, this might be the way to go.

How to wear it

Most of the Insta MUAs are wearing it as a blush but not isolated on the apple of the cheeks. I think it’s most flattering applied lightly in C-shaped strokes from temple to cheek right above your jaw contour line. It also looks great as a shadow on your brow bone that extends and fades outward to your temple. This application method is called drapping. Blending it with other summer shades definitely works as well. If you’ve already got yellow hues in your skin, this shade will accentuate your skin in a flattering way. The rest of your makeup can be in these tones or you can contrast it with red or blue.

How to NOT wear it

Without confidence, or heavy. There is absolutely nothing natural or flattering about a thick, bright and saturated blotch of yellow on your face. Unless it’s carnival time and you don’t want to paint your face yellow.

M.A.C. Eye Shadow in Chrome Yellow

Where to get it

Because true yellow blush doesn’t actually exist, you can use yellow eye shadow. Melt Cosmetic Eyeshadow in Neon works. There’s also the M.A.C. Eye Shadow in Chrome Yellow.

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